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1318 Eliada Home Road

Pampered-Pets-Inn-&-Spa-Cat-Boarding-Rocking-Chair Pampered-Pets-Inn-&-Spa-Cat-Boarding-Window-Seats

A dedicated room for your cat to stay in so they won't be cooped up all day

As familiar with cats as we are dogs, we provide a specified quiet cat room for the cats to roam around in safety and peace. There are window seats and a rocking chair for them to lounge on as they peer out the large windows.


To stimulate their playful side, we have a fish tank set up and bird feeders outside, close to the window seats.


Your cat will get deserved respect during his stay

We let the cats roam free throughout the room. They have the freedom to stretch their legs and the safety of a protected area. And you get the peace of mind of knowing that your boarder pet has all the creature comforts of home.

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Window seats

Rocking chair

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